Today fashion is in the mix of styles which results in your individual style. The French label Comptoir des Cotonniers has always been a great inspiration source. I love the touch of summer inthe Comptoir des Cottoniers spring collection 2011. I hate not having the possibility to shop the Comptoir des Cotonniers  collection online…


Deutsche Welle again offers us an insightful report on a different view at Berlin’s film festival. Artemis Pyrpilis, a young photographer, is searching for the pictures behind the pictures, the empty halls and all the small things we never become to see. Berlinale is Zeitgeist and Artemis Pyrpilis’ images are the spirit of the Berlinale.

In the time of Lady Gaga, songs like this one remain somehow in the background and therefore it makes me happier when I hear them. Enjoy!

Yes, you can find it everywhere and always: the American influence on Europeans. Today I saw it in a coffee and sweets shop. And just next to it: The bunches of roses for Valentine’s Day – so American again!

Valentine’s day today: It’s one of those days when most of us hurry to find a present as we never have time to do something nice and individual ourselves. And for sure, there are some wonderful things around. My choice is the Tory Burch paperweight. A couple of centuries ago it was not about presents at all. Only today I learned that the first reference to Valentine’s day is found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The parlement of foules [The Parliament of Fowls], 14th century:

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Nature: something we use to forget lately talking about fashion, tech, lifestyle, music. It’s a shame. A first step to change it: Enjoy the amazing Alvaro Mendoza Productions video and the nice music.

I am going to leave without comment this time, as I am not a music expert. Just enjoy the video of Stjepan Hauser and Luca Sulic: the Smooth Criminal cello interpretation, the pictures, their passion.

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Nowadays design defines our lifes, even our bodies:  a frightening truth, Mateo Kries (curator at the Vitra Design museum) talks about in this Deutsche Welle video. The neverending stream of trends is nothing else than an instrument to speed up consumption. Successfully, it seems. Yes, we are victims. The solution of the German design expert: Let’s look for timeless esthetics and functionality – for an easier and more beautiful life.

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We live in a time in which the urge to control our life is more present than ever and the belief is stronger. What we haven’t found out is how exactly to successfully do this: a perfect prerequisite for a flourishing spiritual literature. A newly discovered book bribing us to try once again to change our life: Transurfing by Russian Vadim Zeland. Review and testimonial to follow.

The wedding dress  is  everlasting but it is as well a symbol capturing the spirit of the time. Romantic allure to elegant minimalism – this is how at Max Mara themselves describe the idea of their wedding dresses. Developed to suit the needs of the modern bride, it is a fascinating collection of classical forms and feminine elements. A new concept of the wedding dress and a very beautiful one!