There is this great action started by to unite the blogosphere donate and raise awareness of what is happening in Japan. Not focusing on nuclear plant saving activities or earthquakes but on how the people are going to go through the consequences of it. Here you can learn more about how to participate in the For Japan With Love project.

And to be honest… Although I saw this banner on several posts in my reader, for some reason I hadn’t decided to post it until I saw the a message on my Skype telling that they offer free credit to Japanese customers. I am sure you already saw it or will see it next time you sign in. Great idea as well, although I am not sure it helps when there is no electricity or not enough. Is it just a smart PR move in a time of crisis? Not sure yet but it will be interesting to know how many of the free minutes or text messages have been used and sent. Curious to see whether there will be some figures on this in the next future.

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