Reading through all the online sources every morning, I was just thinking of the typology of online users. The ones whose blogs and sites I am following can mostly be described as the heavy online users. Young people, students, freelancers, mothers, designers with original ideas, curious about what is going on these days and very committed to influence others and change something and last but not least active online users, having a share in creating more online content.
While following them, you can discern a pattern of the way their days starts: wake up, do what they have to, drink a latte or a cappuccino, go through the big online sources mostly newspapers, open their mailbox and the Analytics tool to see what’s happening, have a cup of tea… Then open the Google or whatever Reader, follow some links… Yes, it seems an endless story. But after only a couple of weeks, you have all this done in minutes (well, if you don’t watch videos with the latest Japan news, for example). And the best thing is: You have found your favourite idea of the day, you can share with others or just add to your fave’s list so it can make your life better. At least if you don’t forget about it one day or deliberately remove it from the list, because I agree, there are just too many great things in this world and you can’t have them all.

Nevertheless here are my favourites of the day. And they are all worth the time investment despite the high probability to forget them soon. It’s the impact they have on us that counts. Kate Bingaman Burt’s book and project on Obsessive Consumption containing her daily purchase drawings and illustrating our daily consumption mania – from cappuccino to shoes (and why not obsessive media consumption as well… not for money but don’t we sacrifice our time???)… And this great online blog magazine Poppressed, I am going to follow and use as an inspirational source. Enjoy reading!

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