Yes, it is everywhere. On TV shows, in real life or in books. A hero does drugs and tries to escape from reality and to find happiness. Cocaine is the metaphor for the time we live in. That’s an idea I found in a recent interview by the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit with French writer Frederic Beigbeder. And yes, that’s the one who had the idea for his Un roman francais after having been arrested for the use of cocaine. It’s a great conversation, worth reading (unfortunately only in German) and it’s full of revelations about life, love and… Facebook: “It’s the opium of our society. For lonely people who cherish the illusion to be important.” And if you like these thoughts, Un Roman Francais is worth reading.  To give you a foretaste, here a quotation, only in French: “L’injonction capitaliste (tout ce qui est agréable est obligatoire) est aussi stupide que la culpabilité chrétienne (tout ce qui est agréable est interdit).

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