Nowadays design defines our lifes, even our bodies:  a frightening truth, Mateo Kries (curator at the Vitra Design museum) talks about in this Deutsche Welle video. The neverending stream of trends is nothing else than an instrument to speed up consumption. Successfully, it seems. Yes, we are victims. The solution of the German design expert: Let’s look for timeless esthetics and functionality – for an easier and more beautiful life.

Watch the video and you’ll have to agree with it. Or have a look at the other videos the topic: Deutsche Welle You Tube Channel.

One Response to Zeitgeist: Overwhelmed by Design?

  1. SnOOp says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s so important to understand how we live today and what we need to improve our lifestyle. It’s important to start thinking when purchasing is this something I could hand down to my children. Classic, beautiful and timeless pieces made well by craftsmen is the best way to go.

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