I heard it on the last episode of Gossip Girl shown two days ago in the U.S. and although the song is not that new it will for sure become popular now. And it has something of today’s Zeitgeist – a French song in one of the most popular American TV shows nowadays.

But what surprised me more is the sound and style of the Nous Non Plus creation – it reminds me so much of the once famous Douliou Dou Saint Tropez from a bit older Louis De Funès French TV show. It’s all about Saint Tropez (or well, the new version talks generally about Côte d’Azur), about love and beautiful people or just about:  Je veux vivre ma vie monokini (I want to live my life monokini), as the Monokini song reveals. Change needs time. This time, the new Zeitgeist is the old Zeitgeist.

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