Google Zeitgeist – a history of last year’s search queries is an interesting attempt to understand the spirit of our times. This may be the best indicator giving us statistically correct figures on what and whom we are interested in: at least when it comes to us – the online users from the “developed countries”.

The conclusion: We live in the time of  the iPad, Facebook and Twitter, Katy Perry, Shakira and Lady Gaga and Chatroulette of course – the combination of the search for sex and entertainment in the online world.

A particular case: Germany with focus on soccer, technology, reality shows,  real estates, social networking, outlet shopping and privacy. Obviously it’s all about material things and of course soccer. And when it comes to social and network there are limits – in the extreme need for privacy of the ones  protesting against Google Street View).

The question: Could this be all about the Zeitgeist?

Well, it’s a funny idea but fortunately the spirit of our time is in each and every small thing around.

Let’s find it,


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